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Consulting Services for Forest and Climate Change Deadline: 12.06.2019

Country: Colombia

Ref.-N°: REDD for Early Movers Programme REM / Colombia


Ref.: International Competitive Bidding to «Update the Forest Zoning Plan Mecalla – Sencella, in the Putumayo Department».

Tenderer: Patrimonio Natural Fondo para la Biodiversidad y Áreas Protegidas – Patrimonio Natural

Project Measures: The Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS), through Patrimonio Natural, as Financial Mechanism of the REM Program Colombia – Amazon Vision, intends to use the financial contributions of the results-based programme, «REDD for Early Movers programme / Colombia, co-financed by the Kingdom of Norway, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Federal Republic of Germany through KfW, to eligible payments under the contract for which this International Competitive Bidding is issued.

Patrimonio Natural invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the aforesaid consultant services.

Requested Services: Consultant Services to «Update the Forest Zoning Plan Mecaya – Sencella, in the Putumayo Department» (455.229 ha.).

Brief description of the Project: The consultant should achieve the following goals:

  1. Mecaya – Sencella Forest Zoning Plan Updated in the Putumayo Department, socially accepted by the community, which can be adopted by the Regional Environmental Authority “Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible del Sur de la Amazonia – Corpoamazonia” by Administrative Act.
  1. Preparation
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Participatory zoning of the Forest Zoning Unit.
  4. Forest inventory of the Forest Zoning Unit and the Forest Management Unit and Forestry Census of three annual cutting units
  5. Fauna study of the Forest Management Unit and Forest Management Unit.
  6. Socioeconomic study of the Forest Management Unit.
  7. Processing of information and
  8. Formulation of the Forest Zoning Plan.
  1. Prepare a Forest Management Plan on 3,000 hectares and prepare three Annual Cut Units of 500 hectares each.
  2. Socialization of the Forest Zonning Plan (POF), Forest Management Plan (PMF) and three Annual Cut Units.


The prequalification of experienced Consultants is subject to the regulations contained in the „Guidelines for Assignment of Consultants in Financial Co-operation Projects“ (see. https://www.kfw-entwicklungsbank.de/Download-Center/PDF-Dokumente-Richtlinien/Consulting-E.pdf)

Prequalification notice available at https://www.patrimonionatural.org.co/convocatorias/aviso-de-precalificacion-para-licitacion-internacional-actualizacion-del-plan-de-ordenacion-forestal-mecaya-sencella-departamento-del-putumayo/

The contract will be awarded to an independent qualified consulting firm with extensive certified general experience, minimum five (5) years, in carrying out studies, research, advise or consulting contracted with public, private, or mixed entities on issues related with: Diagnostics, design, implementation, management or environmental plans, programs or projects assessments related to forestry, planning or land use, preferably in Latin America. In addition, a minimum specific experience in the formulation of at least one (1) Forest Zoning Plan or, failing that, at least three (3) Forest Management Plans and/or plans of forest harvesting of tropical natural forests, preferably in the Colombian Amazon.


Tender Documents consisting of Technical-Commercial Bids and Price Bids must be submitted in physical with the respective magnetic copy in PDF format, documentation must be in Spanish language. Translations to spanish are accepted not necessarily certified or official, whenever they come with the original document.

Any questions or request for additional information concerning this International Competitive Bidding are permitted exclusively in writing to Patrimonio Natural Natural to the email adquisicionesprogramaREM@patrimonionatural.org.co , with the subject «request for additional information International Competitive Bidding  to «Update the Forest Zoning Plan Mecaya – Sencella, in the Putumayo Department».